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Axel Graafland 12 (English)
by Pieter Thomassen

Instalment 12: Squinting Joep and Carlo Clever have overpowered Manon Lokhof...

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Baby King George (English)
by Arnold Jansen op de Haar

The British cherish being islanders. From a geographical point of view, their country belongs to Europe, but they are of a different view. Inhabitants of islands are a bit opinionated. Islanders are a bit eccentric. This is even more true of people who live on an island close to a big island.

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Publisher's Blog

Dispatches from the Publishing Front Line: Nothing compares to reading a manuscript and thinking: this is something really special, so special in fact that I quite literally put my money on it. And that has been the greatest gamble in my life.

Featured Book

Angel by Arnold Jansen op de Haar

‘Join the writer on a quest to find out what really matters in life.’

A story of wanting to break free. Angel comes to the rescue but does she succeed?


Norbert & Linda Hirschhorn
02 April 2014
Wow audiences in Berkeley USA
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17 April 2014
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Finding Soutbek shortlisted for the Etisalat Prize!
22 January 2014
Congratulations to Karen Jennings!
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Pictures from the end of year party
30 December 2013
With Laura Del-Rivo, Norbert Hirschhorn & Arnold Jansen op de Haar
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Pictures from the launch of Hold Still
16 November 2013
Cherry Smyth's novel about the muse and model of Whistler & Courbet
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Pictures from the Haft Kouwenaar reading
31 October 2013
A discussion among poets
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Axel – short stories by Pieter Thomassen
02 October 2013
A new serialization: first instalment 14 October 2013 - Read it now!

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Pictures from the launch of Where is My Mask of an Honest Man?
07 October 2013
Laura Del-Rivo met her readers in Book & Kitchen
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A Launch in Pictures featuring Norbert Hirschhorn &
19 June 2013
To Sing Away the Darkest Days – Poems Re-imagined from Yiddish Folksongs
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To Sing Away the Darkest Days is now available!
12 June 2013
Poems Re-imagined from Yiddish Folksongs by Norbert Hirschhorn
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First Prose at the Pub a great success
29 March 2013
Laura Del Rivo & Cathi Unsworth sparkle
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Celebrating the Winning & Shortlisted Poems
01 March 2013
The pictures: What’s your History? awards ceremony
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Timothy Adès presents Victor Hugo
03 February 2013
Words & pictures
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Martyn Crucefix on Rilke event
03 December 2012
Interesting insights about a major German poet
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The Publisher airs her Views
21 October 2012
On Monocle’s The Review
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