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Holland Park Press

Paul Vincent

Paul is one of the most renowned translators of Dutch literature for the past twenty years.

Holland Press is very excited to have engaged his expertise in bringing the work of Arnold Jansen op de Haar to the attention of the English market.

His work is internationally recognised and he has won quite a few major awards.

He was the recipient of the first David Reid Poetry Translation Prize for this translation of Hendrik Marsman’s famous poem Herinnering aan Holland (Memory of Holland) in 2006, awarded by the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature.

In 2012 Paul Vincent received the Vondel Prize for My Little War his translation of Mijn kleine oorlog by Louis Paul Boon.

In addition to translating Yugoslav Requiem and King of Tuzlafor Holland Park Press, Paul has recently translated an impressive list of Dutch literary novels:

The Hidden Force, Louis Couperus (Pushkin Press 2012)
My Little War, Louis Paul Boon (Dalkey Archive, Normal, Ohio, 2010)
Summer in Termuren, Louis Paul Boon (Dalkey Archive, Normal, Ohio, 2006)
Inevitable, Louis Couperus (Pushkin Press, London, 2005)
Siegfried, Harry Mulisch (Penguin, New York, 2003)
Villa des Roses, Willem Elsschot (London, Granta, 2003)
Cheese, Willem Elsschot (Granta, London, 2002)
On the Water, Hans Maarten van den Brink (London, Faber and Faber, 2001)
The Discovery of Heaven, Harry Mulisch (New York, Viking 1996)

In September 2015 Holland Park Press will published 100 Dutch-Language Poems — From the Medieval Period to the Present Day, selected and translated by Paul Vincent and John Irons.

His impressive list of poetry translations since 1979 can be found at the end of this page.

He has a strong academic background in literature, linguistics and translation theory as well as teaching and practical interpreting experience.

He left his academic career in 1989 to become a freelance translator of Dutch and German into English. He writes many articles and continues to act as a tutor for a wide range of courses and workshops including:

MA translation workshops, University College London
UNL language teaching, tutor (distance learning), City University
Summer Course in Literary Translation, Amsterdam/Antwerp, 1997-1998
Literary promotion for Ministry of Flemish Community, Belgium, 1997-1999
MA in Technical and Specialised Translation at University of Westminster in 2002, where he taught and examined at all levels at Defence School of Languages, Beaconsfield, including an interpreting component.

From 1967 to 1989 he was a full time Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Dutch Language and Literature at Bedford College, University of London, and University College London. In 1983-1984 and 1988-1989 he was Head of Department.

Paul received 1964 BA (Hons) Modern Languages (German, Dutch, French) from University of Cambridge, UK in 1964. He undertook Postgraduate study at the University of Amsterdam during 1965-1966. He was awarded an MA from University of Cambridge in 1968.

He has also successfully translated non-fiction from Dutch into English and here is a selection of his recent work:

Metaphors of Memory, Douwe Draaisma (Cambridge, CUP) 2000
Accounting for the Past, ed. D.W. Fokkema (Palgrave/Macmillan, New York, 2004) (Final part of series on Dutch cultural history 1650-2000.)
For a Successful Life, Bas Haring (Beautiful Books, London, 2008)

Write-up & pictures of Leonard Nolens discussing his work with his English translator Paul Vincent at the Poetry Cafe on 26 September 2012.

Finally his impressive list of poetry translation from Dutch to English includes many of the Dutch masters including the incomparable Gerrit Kouwenaar.

1979 (et al) Vondel 13 PoemsDutch Crossing 8 7/79, 82-114
1980Achterberg 2 Poems DC 12, 12/80, 46-50
Reve Sampler DC 12, 12/80, 65-67
1981 Hooft Sonnet DC 14, 7/81, 17-23
1982 Elsschot 4 Poems Tweede Ronde, Autumn 82, suppl.
1983 (et al) Elsschot Poems DC 19, 4/83,50-58
1984 Pernath Poem J.S. Holmes (ed), Dutch Interior,
NY, Columbia UP, p. 133
Hamelink 2 Poems Ibid, pp. 198-200
Vondel 3 Poems DC 24, 12/84, 82-88
1985 Bredero 2 Songs DC 25, 4/85, 2-9
Bredero 2 Poems DC 27, 12/85, 46-51
1987 (et al) Vondel 2 Poems DC 32, 8/87, 106-120
Huygens Epigrams DC 33,12/87, 54-57
1990 Jellema 4 PoemsTranslation XXIV, NY, Fall/90,50-52
1997 Ten Berge 2 Poems Modern Poetry in Translation, NS Winter 97, 168
Jellema Epilogue Ibid, 265-266
1999 Michaelis Poems Poetry International
2000 Jansma 11 Poems Poetry International
2001Oosterhoff 10 Poems Poetry International website
2002 Claus 4 Poems R. Schouten (ed), In a Different Light, Bridgend, Seren, pp.60-68
Gerlach 5 Poems Ibid, 166-170
Campert 3 Poems Leviathan Quarterly 4, 6/02, 15-16
Lindner 3 Poems Ibid, 31-33
(et al) Elsschot Poems from the Past A’dam/Leuven, W.E. Genootschap,2002, 20 pp.
Permys Poem G. Mak (et al) (eds) The Amstel, Roegholt A’dam, Bas Lubberhuizen, 2002,
Vriesland passim
De Wijs
2003 Nolens 10 Poems Poetry International
1 Poem Ibid
Jellema 10 Poems Ibid
2004 Jellema PoemThe Amsterdam Review 1 Spring/ Summer 2004, 33
Nolens Poem Ibid, 34
Marsman Poem Council of Europe, Billboard display Strasbourg
Andreus Poem Ibid
2005 Wittenbols 5 Poems Poetry International
Kouwenaar 10 Poems (Owning a Ruin, unpublished)
25 Poems (from Totally White Room, unpublished)

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15 May 2015
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05 February 2015
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100 Dutch-Language Poems
23 March 2015
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11 February 2015
For the I is Another short story competition

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Catch up with Axel Graafland
21 January 2015
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Cherry Smyth reads from Hold Still
05 February 2015
9 Feb, 8pm, Stoke Newington Bookshop
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Invitation to the Launch of The Stray American
06 November 2014
A new novel by Wendy Brandmark at the October Gallery
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18 December 2014
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Marilyn Hacker & Deema Shehabi reading
24 September 2014
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Marilyn Hacker & Arnold Jansen op de Haar at the Poetry Book Fair
11 August 2014
Reading 3pm on 6 September at the Conway Hall in London
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09 September 2014
17 Sep at Open Book, Cape Town
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17 June 2014
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New title: The Stray American
19 June 2014
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Laura Del-Rivo at the London Short Story festival
23 June 2014
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Holland Park Press at Boeken Uitmarkt 2014
11 August 2014
Visit our stall (kraam 53) in Amsterdam on 30 & 31 Aug
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What’s your Place? competition successful
03 January 2014
It closed with 456 poems
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Laura Del-Rivo reads!
21 May 2014
At the first London Short Story Festival
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23 January 2015
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Diaspo/Renga by Marilyn Hacker & Deema K Shehabi
08 May 2014
Innovative poetry you can’t afford to miss
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Away From the Dead by Karen Jennings
09 May 2014
Short stories by the Etisalat Literature Prize shortlisted author
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Editing, Indexing and Translating - the added-value activities behind publishing
11 March 2014
London Book Fair 8 April 10am Thames Room
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Norbert & Linda Hirschhorn
02 April 2014
Wow audiences in Berkeley USA
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Norbert Hirschhorn’s Spring Tour of the USA
10 March 2014
Berkeley – Duluth – Haverford – New York
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Around the World in 80 Books in Birmingham
19 February 2014
A wonderful chance to be introduced to Dutch literature on Saturday 29 March

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An Award-Winning Author & Brand New Stand-Up Writer Act
20 February 2014
Don’t miss this literary event of a different kind on 1 April
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Pictures from the end of year party
30 December 2013
With Laura Del-Rivo, Norbert Hirschhorn & Arnold Jansen op de Haar
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Finding Soutbek shortlisted for the Etisalat Prize!
22 January 2014
Congratulations to Karen Jennings!
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What's your Place? Awards Ceremony
29 January 2014
28 February - Great Western Studios - You're all invited!
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Christmas Party with a dash of Poetry & Prose
20 November 2013
Join the literary party in Great Western Studios on Thursday 19 December at 6:15pm
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Christmas Tidings
02 December 2013
Festive News & updates
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Pictures from the launch of Where is My Mask of an Honest Man?
07 October 2013
Laura Del-Rivo met her readers in Book & Kitchen
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Pictures from the Haft Kouwenaar reading
31 October 2013
A discussion among poets
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Pictures from the launch of Hold Still
16 November 2013
Cherry Smyth's novel about the muse and model of Whistler & Courbet
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Launch of Cherry Smyth’s Hold Still
07 October 2013
October Gallery, 7 November at 7pm
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Axel – short stories by Pieter Thomassen
02 October 2013
A new serialization: first instalment 14 October 2013 - Read it now!

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Holland Park Press at Boeken Uitmarkt
12 August 2013
See you in Amsterdam on 31 Aug & 1 Sep
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Where is My Mask of an Honest Man?
24 August 2013
Will be revealed in All Saints Road on 29 Sep

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Meet our Cape Town based author in Arnhem!
27 August 2013
Karen Jennings appears in Rozet on 20 Sep with Pieter Thomassen, Hanneke de Jong and Arnold Jansen op de Haar
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The Triumph of the Covers
19 July 2013
Hold StillWhere is My Mask of an Honest Man?

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First Time at the Poetry Book Fair
29 July 2013
Visit us on Saturday 7 September
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A Launch in Pictures featuring Norbert Hirschhorn &
19 June 2013
To Sing Away the Darkest Days – Poems Re-imagined from Yiddish Folksongs
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Around the World in 80 Books in Essex on 29 June
16 May 2013
Cancelled - next event in this series will take place in Birmingham

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To Sing Away the Darkest Days is now available!
12 June 2013
Poems Re-imagined from Yiddish Folksongs by Norbert Hirschhorn
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First Prose at the Pub a great success
29 March 2013
Laura Del Rivo & Cathi Unsworth sparkle
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Book Launch on 11 June
07 May 2013
To Sing Away the Darkest Days - Poems Re-imagined from Yiddish Folksongs

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Events in March
05 March 2013
What’s on in 2013?
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Celebrating the Winning & Shortlisted Poems
01 March 2013
The pictures: What’s your History? awards ceremony
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To Sing Away the Darkest Days by Norbert Hirschhorn
09 February 2013
Poems Re-imagined from Yiddish Folksongs
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Timothy Adès presents Victor Hugo
03 February 2013
Words & pictures
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What’s your History? competition
04 January 2013
Closed with 400 entries!
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Around the World in 80 Books
22 January 2013
We're invited to participate in a Readers’ Day
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Martyn Crucefix on Rilke event
03 December 2012
Interesting insights about a major German poet
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Happy New Year
31 December 2012
Best Wishes for 2013
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Congratulations to Karen Jennings!
08 November 2012
AIR 2012 Award Winner
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English Yiddish Poems Event
02 November 2012
To Life! inspired Norbert Hirschhorn
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Rosie Garland shines
22 October 2012
At Manchest & Lancaster festivals
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New look at Yiddish folksongs
29 October 2012
Join Norbert Hirschhorn on 31 Oct
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The Publisher airs her Views
21 October 2012
On Monocle’s The Review
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Nolens Live
01 October 2012
Pictures & Words
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Karen Jennings at Open Book
06 September 2012
A South African Treat
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Rosie Garland at Lancaster Litfest
12 September 2012
Launch of Everything Must Go continues
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David Ayres at Staffordshire Libraries
04 September 2012
Top of the Sixties close-up
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Rosie Garland at Manchester LitFest
08 August 2012
Celebrating Everything Must Go
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A Picture from Deventer
07 August 2012
Enjoy the Dutch landscape
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Join us at Deventer Boekenmarkt
20 July 2012
A Dutch treat on 5 August
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Poetry & Translation at the Poetry Cafe
10 July 2012
Following on from Poetry Parnassus
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Arnold on Portobello market
19 July 2012
Get your book signed on 28 July
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Finding Soutbek & Karen Jennings
19 June 2012
Breaking launch records!
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Reciting in the Rain
19 June 2012
Poetry conquers Manchester
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Honourable mention for The Lonely Tree
14 May 2012
In the 2012 Eric Hoffer Award
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The Past & Vroeger – a gripping new short story
11 May 2012
By Jeroen Blokhuis published in English & Dutch
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Catch us at the Manchester Independent Book Market
08 May 2012
We love to meet our readers in the North West
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Launch of Finding Soutbek
07 May 2012
June 13, Book Lounge, Cape Town
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Everything Must Go
25 April 2012
Rosie Garland’s unflinching perspective on cancer
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Happy Easter!
07 April 2012
Enjoy the break
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Listen to poems on Portobello Market
13 April 2012
Give someone a treat & it’s free!
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Finding Soutbek
26 March 2012
A wonderful book & a striking cover
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Author Blogs
02 April 2012
Enjoy Ayres & Jansen op de Haar
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Saturdays at Portobello Market
14 March 2012
Opening of Arts & Crafts
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Rosie Garland wins the Angels & Devils award
27 February 2012
Enjoy My Favourite Uncle!
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Angels & Devils Awards Ceremony
19 January 2012
Poetry Cafe, 23 Feb, 19.30
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Angels & Devils Shortlist
26 January 2012
Five Wonderful Poems
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Angel Reviews
06 February 2012
Compelling & Intriguing
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Merry (Literary) Christmas
21 December 2011
Best wishes for 2012
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The things we like and
20 December 2011
We would like to share

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Top of the Sixties Reviews
17 February 2012
Ayres conjures some great visuals
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902 Angels & Devils Poems
03 January 2012
Have broken all records!
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Angel’s Birth
01 November 2011
Framed in pictures
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Top of the Sixties at Lichfield Festival
17 October 2011
Pictures & words from a lovely evening
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Angel will be presented to the world on 27 October
17 September 2011
Join the launch party at Paddington Library
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ebooks are Now Available
06 October 2011
From this Website!
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Angel takes flight
19 July 2011
Author checks translation
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Top of the Sixties Launch Event
06 September 2011
3 Oct at Lichfield Literature Festival
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Top of the Sixties
06 June 2011
New Title by David Ayres
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Buy our books now
02 June 2011
Just a click away
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King of Tuzla More Reviews
25 May 2011
Thought-provoking & beautiful prose
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Holland Park Press at Portobello Market
04 May 2011
The Pictures
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Meet Us at Portobello Market
18 April 2011
on Saturday 30 April to browse our books

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Angels & Devils
02 April 2011
A daring new Poetry Competition
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Herman Koch contributes to our magazine
04 March 2011
We welcome an award winning & bestselling Dutch author

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The Winning Story in the Living under Fire Competition
09 February 2011
Aziz Khan by Emma Musty
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Happy Valentine’s Day
14 February 2012
We wish all our readers a happy Valentine’s Day. This is a description of the happiest (Valentine) day in Hedwig’s life.
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Living under Fire Competition
03 February 2011
Shortlist now available
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Angel & King of Tuzla featured in Litro
24 January 2011
This month Litro celebrates Dutch authors
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Living under Fire competition
01 January 2011
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Workshop with Arnold Jansen op de Haar
02 January 2011
Celebrating Dutch Poetry Day 2011
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Angel & Arnold among the paintings
10 December 2010
At the National Galleries of Scotland
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Arnold Jansen op de Haar is featured at
08 December 2010
Litro Live! – Dutch themed event
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Holland Park Press exhibits
09 November 2010
At the Small Publishers Fair
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Lunchtime, Poetry & Arnold
04 November 2010
Moving performance at the Royal Festival Hall
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King of Tuzla recommended
01 November 2010
Infused with pathos and wit
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News Just In
02 November 2010
Arnold at the Royal Festival Hall on 3 Nov
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Arnold is a success at the Poetry Cafe
22 October 2010
Laughter, Reflection & Performance Poetry
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Arnold at the Poetry Cafe
04 October 2010
First appearance in the UK
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New Short Story Competition
01 September 2010
Living under Fire
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And the winner is...
24 September 2010
Frederik van Eeden Poetry Competition
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King of Tuzla – Reviewed - Updated
07 September 2010
A cracking read
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Arnold interviewed by Anna Blundy
05 August 2010
A Poet Soldier’s View of Bosnia
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Frederik van Eeden Poetry Competition
23 July 2010
Shortlisted Poems
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Justice for Srebrenica
11 July 2010
Remembering the fall of the Bosnian enclave
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King of Tuzla
02 July 2010
Just Published
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My Father from King of Tuzla
17 June 2010
To celebrate Father’s Day
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Our Press in The Hill
15 June 2010
Magazine feature
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The Lonely Tree – First Reviews
29 July 2010
Read what has been said so far, updated
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Holland Park Press is now on Facebook
27 May 2010
Like us and become a fan
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The Lonely Tree on Twitter
14 May 2010
Follow Tonia Shulman
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4 & 5 May
04 May 2010
Remembrance & Celebration

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Happy Koninginnedag!
30 April 2010
A day of celebration
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226 Poems!
01 July 2010
Frederik van Eeden Poetry Competition Roundup

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Forever Available – Van Eeden in England
26 March 2010
Hedwig’s Journey featured in Society’s Annual Yearbook
Find out more

The Lonely Tree is now available
15 March 2010
A moving novel about the soul of Israel by Yael Politis
Find out more

Admire the portraits of your favourite authors
03 March 2010
In the new portrait gallery of the refurbished Letterkundig Museum.
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Have you met Hedwig?
09 February 2010
Read Hedwig’s Journey to get acquainted.
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Where is the Arnhemse Jongen?
01 February 2010
Looking for his columns?
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Slauerhoff Competition Announcement
15 January 2010
The winning entry in our Slauerhoff translation competition will be announced on the 28th of January
Find out more

Gerard Reve (1923-2006) speaks from beyond the grave
02 December 2009
‘Let us no longer express ourselves in the local vernacular, but rather make sure our work sees the light of day in, for example, the English language.’
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Holland Park Press on twitter
14 January 2010
You can now follow us on Follow HollandParkPres on Twitter.
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Yugoslav Requiem in the Poetry Library
17 December 2009
We are pleased to announce that Yugoslav Requiem has been acquired by the Poetry Library
Find out more

Successful Launch of Engel
18 December 2009
Many people joined us last Saturday to celebrate the launch of Engel, Arnold Jansen op de Haar’s new novel.
Find out more

A Regally Radiating Sun
19 November 2009
Arnold Jansen op de Haar repeats his excellent declamation of Johnny van Doorn’s most famous poem Een Magistrale Stralende Zon (A Regally Radiating Sun).
Find out more

New Titles November
28 October 2009

De koning van Tuzla by Arnold Jansen op de Haar has just been published.

Find out more

Listen to Yugoslav Requiem
26 October 2009

Poetry has something to say about the trial by International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Find out more

Eline on Twitter
14 October 2009
Do you know that you can follow Eline on Twitter?
Find out more

Announcing Holland Park Press
01 October 2009
Holland Park Press is a unique publishing initiative.
It gives contemporary Dutch writers the opportunity to be published in Dutch and English. 
Find out more

New Titles October
01 October 2009
We are very pleased to announce our new books:
  • Yugoslav Requiem by Arnold Jansen op de Haar
  • Eline Vere by Louis Couperus
  • Joegoslavisch requiem by Arnold Jansen op de Haar

Find out more

Publishing Advisor vacancy
01 October 2009
We are looking for  someone to work with the publisher on the acquisition and editing of new works in English.
Find out more

Poetry Translation Competition
01 October 2009
We are running a poetry translation competition.
Find out more