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Adopt a Book & Rescue a Small Publisher #SavedByOneBook

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Rise to the challenge to make a real difference in 2022 because #BooksAreEssential & #LiteratureMatters and now we need to be #SavedByOneBook. In 2009 I realised a dream: to found my own company to publish, promote and sell literature. Right…

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Space Inhabited by Echoes

Het instituut

Een kostschoolroman met een verschil...

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    Our Publishing Adventure Turns a Corner

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    2 July 2022 A slow day on the market but it's impossible to predict. If we market stallholders could, we would only come out on good days and become rich. In real life we take the good with the bad…

    A New Start to Our Publishing Adventure

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    21 June 2022 It's the longest day of the year, a very special day, but this year even more so because it's my last day with our dog Harry who has been with me for five years. Tomorrow, my brother…

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