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A New Start to Our Publishing Adventure

May 15, 2022

15 May 2022

Today a very special man was made a saint by Pope Francis. Titus Bransma, Carmelite, Philosopher, Educator, Journalist & Martyr, was also a great friend of my paternal grandfather.

My father met him as a boy, and his fight against Nazi ideology inspired my father’s elder brother to establish the first resistance group in Nijmegen during WWII. Their aim was to save as many Jews from the Nazis as possible.

So, it was a very special day which puts our own problems into perspective. Titus also was a journalist and hence their patron saint, which in these times is also very special.

During his time with the UN in Bosnia, my brother carried a Titus pendant with him at all times and it gave him a lot of courage and support. Recently during our troubles we frequently asked Titus for strength and assistance and we experienced his patronage, often quite startling, so many times.

Thank you very much Titus for all your help and in your honour we are even more determined to publish more excellent fiction and poetry this year. #SavedByOneBook

14 May 2022

Today was rather a strange day on the market. There were plenty of people, I had lovely chats, lots of interest, but sales were slow in coming, and all stalls had the same experience.

Is it due to all the uncertainty at the moment? Certainly, on the market you certainly keep your finger on the pulse.

Today, I experimented with another way of travelling to the market. This time by bus and train. On the way in it saved half an hour, sadly not on the way back because of a bad connection between train and bus at Swindon. Using the train is also more expensive but it’s good to know all the options.

On a positive note, my market books are now stored in Stroud, so I don’t have to drag them along going back and forth to Shambles market. That’s something to cheer about.

Arnold and I also had several productive WhatsApp telephone calls to set in motion new promotional initiatives. More news soon.

13 May 2022

I managed to get to Shambles Market by bus but it took two hours each way. It used to be three quarters of an hour max by car. I suppose we have to be glad that you can still travel from Malmesbury to Stroud by bus. Actually, I travelled on four busses and on one of them I was the only one not having been to school today.

It was a good day on the market and so lovely to be back on the laid-back Stroud market and being able to do one of the two things I like best: selling books, the other one is publishing books.

Brother Arnold also had a very rewarding day, having good catch ups and support from friends. Things are looking up for him.

We are determined to keep going and make the press successful. As always you can help by telling all your friends to buy a copy of one of our books so that we’re #SavedByOneBook.

12 May 2022

I’m off to the Shambles Market tomorrow to sell our books. I’m looking forward to that but not to travelling there because I have to use public transport. It was such a lovely journey by car across Minchinhampton common, even though the road was occasionally blocked by the cows grazing there. Quite an experience, I recommend it.

Sadly our aging ford fiesta has gone to the Netherlands with by brother, so public transport it is, and it will be a hard slog. But I am looking forward to actively selling our books. Wish me luck!

The car on its last stop in England before crossing the channel.

11 May 2022

I urgently need a lift to and from Malmesbury and Stroud if I’m to run the bookstall this Friday and Saturday. Let me know if you can help.

I’ve been working on several new options to promote our excellent book, and booked a stall at Petticoat Lane Market in Malmesbury on 21 August. I’m following up several other interesting leads.

In he meantime, please tell all your friends to buy books from our website, because that really makes a difference. Thank you for supporting #SavedByOneBook.

Today, my beloved Harry escaped and a lovely young lady caught him and dragged him back home. I can’t hold him, however much I try. But it all worked out.

Even though I’ve given up almost everything, I managed to hang on to some of my hats. There’re of no consequence but they cheer me up, and that’s much needed.

10 May 2022

Today, I’ve been busy plotting ways of getting to Stroud by public transport. Why? Because I want to run our bookstall there on Friday and Saturday and my brother and our aging fiesta had to move back to the Netherlands.

I hope someone out there will offer a lift but I’m doing my utmost to get it sorted.

My brother and I also have had various chats via the WhatsApp phone about new promotional activities. There is so much to do and not enough hours in the working day. But it’s good to be able to be fully back in working mode again.

I’m still here in Malmesbury, luckily because I feels so much at home here. Exciting prospects are lining up, follow this diary to keep up to date.

I leave you with a picture of Arnold in a very Dutch setting: river, ferry, etc.

9 May 2022

Our new winding road got off to a good start: a big pre-order for The Past Is a Dangerous Driver. It set me up for the day.

I needed it because I had to grapple with our new accounting system. I much prefer promoting our books but dealing with the figures is important as well. I made some progress but more work is to be done tomorrow.

My printer doesn’t take to our new wifi settings, so it tells me it’s offline. I’ve done all I can to make it work, and will need some expert help tomorrow.

I was introduced (drum roll!) to computers in the autumn of 1976, quite a long time ago, and I’ve worked with them ever since, but the software and systems they host are a continuous source of exasperation. Well, they’ve been put together by human being so have inherited their flaws.

Luckily, back lab Harry is still with me to cheer me up, and I also took two photos of my parents with me, the ones on the cover of their in memoriam cards, and they encourage me to continue publishing, promoting and selling more excellent literature.

8 May 2022

Down but not out! Holland Park Press has regrouped but continues to publish excellent literary books by deserving, often more mature, authors.

There are a lot of exciting new developments in the pipeline and more to come. First up are the new books already signed up: A Diamond in the Dust, the first novel in a trilogy about The Stuarts by Michael Dean and The Past is a Dangerous Driver by Neal Mason.

The latter title has already attracted attention from the literary community, Ian McMillan commented: ‘Here is poetry as history book, almanac and calendar, suffused with humanity and glowing with empathy.’

There is also a film producer who is very keen to secure an option to the film & TV rights to one of our novels.

Follow this quest to bring amazing literature to discerning readers, and we’re determined to find them, that’s why we take out roving bookstall to general markets.

The new ‘office’ is in place, and due to post Brexit regulations dog Harry is still with me, and long may it continue.

The books and printer have also made it to the new destination. So nothing is stopping me now.