Q: Can I submit a translation of my work?

A: Holland Park Press only accepts:

  • Works originally written in English or Dutch.
  • Out of copy right works translated from Dutch into English by a professional translator.

Q: Do you only accept submissions from the UK?

A: No, we accept manuscripts written in English or Dutch irrespective of where the author is located.

Q: Can I send more than one work at a time?

A: No, we accept only one manuscript for consideration per email.

Q: Do you accept submissions from literary agents?

A: No, we only accept submission by the author and we only deal directly with authors.

Q: Do you accept printed manuscripts?

A: No, unfortunately we do not accept submissions in hardcopy or printed form nor do we accept manuscripts by other electronic means except email.

Q: Is there a limit on the length of a manuscript?

A: Yes, there is, in general we do not accept manuscripts containing more than 100,000 words. For exceptional manuscripts we may reconsider this restriction.

Q: Which type of manuscript can I submit?

A: We accept completed manuscripts of novels, novellas or short stories for adults. We are also happy to receive poetry collections. For single poem submission please contact the editor of our magazine. For more help with writing your novel or poems you are invited to join one of our advanced creative writing courses.

Q: Which type of manuscript don’t you accept?

A: We do not accept manuscripts without literary merit. This means that we do not accept non-fiction, genre fiction (thrillers, science fiction, etc) and works written exclusively for children except in very rare cases when the manuscripts are of exceptional literary quality.

Q: Can I send in incomplete manuscripts?

A: Unfortunately we cannot accept uncompleted manuscripts.

Q: Can I send in a proposal for a novel not yet written?

A: Unfortunately we cannot accept proposals.

Q: My novel has been self-published, can I still submit it?

A: Sorry, we won’t accept manuscripts that have already been self-published.

Q: How long will it take until I hear from you?

A: All manuscripts submitted according to the rules get an acknowledgment. We aim to give you feedback within six weeks of submission.

Q: Do you give any advance payments?

A: No, we do not give any advance payments. We think it more beneficial to spend this money on promotion of the book once it’s published. This page  gives you more information about our publishing deal.

Q: Do you publish in hardback or paperback?

A: All our books are produced in high quality trade paperback format.