Holland Park Press Ltd publishes literary fiction and poetry and places special emphasis on finding new authors young and not so young, as well as bringing the work of Dutch authors to the English language market.

We work in partnership with our authors. We use the latest technology and the internet to power our innovative publishing process and to encourage the interaction between authors and readers.

After moving from her native The Netherlands to the UK in January 1983, Bernadette Jansen op de Haar, has lived here ever since, apart from a two-year spell in Berkeley California.

After a successful career ending up as contents director for an online publisher career, she founded Holland Park Press Ltd April 2009 and, up to this day it, has been funded by her private money.

After acting for over ten years as first reader and advisor to her brother the acclaimed Dutch poet, novelist and columnist Arnold in her spare time, Bernadette realized that a gap had opened up in the publishing market.

These days’ major publishers are concentrating on marketing bestsellers and in general scaling down the number of new authors they publish. It has therefore become very difficult for new and even published authors to find new publishing deals.

The emergence of new print technologies and the interactive web environment enables the publishing process to be streamlined and bring books to the readers rather than relying on readers finding books.

Moreover, geographical boundaries do not exist in the web world so we are taking full advantage and we market our books around the world.

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Our books are also available from online retailers including the Holland Park Press website.

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Message from the publisher

In March 2009 I founded Holland Park Press and this makes 2019 our 10th anniversary year.

It has been an amazing literary journey and I’ve met many lovely people along the way: authors, translators, editors, the team at Reactive Web Design who design our covers and book layouts. They also developed and maintain our website which after 9 years steadfast service has just been completely overhauled. 

The other people who deserve a big thank you are the people who have reviewed our books, given us support and you members of the general public who have taken the plunge and bought one of our books 

Readers often ask me: ‘Which book do you love most?’ They are all unique but I love every one of them otherwise I wouldn’t have published them. Our books are my reader’s wish list, and that’s such a privilege.

Particular highlights of the past ten years include:

 100 Dutch-Language Poems – From the Medieval Period to the Present Day which is a poetry bestseller and has won the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize

Finding Soutbek, a debut novel set in South Africa by Keren Jennings, which was shortlisted for the inaugural Etisalat Prize for Literature and which has been translated into French: Les oubliés du Cap

The rare poetic dialogue about those parts of the world which are in turmoil by Marilyn Hacker and Deema Shehabi in Diaspo/Renga

It was a particular pleasure to translate my brother’s novel Angel. I wish I still had time to translate more books.

To underline the fact that we publish an author and not just a book, we will publish three new novels by existing authors: Anthony Ferner, Michael Dean and Karen Jenning (her fifth publication with us!)

This year we have published two remarkable poetry collections: London Undercurrents by Joolz Sparkes and Hilaire and Transeuropa by Jules Deelder. The former title epitomises one of our aims: to publish debuts and the latter title epitomises one of our aims: publish Dutch authors in English and give a chance to a young translator, in this case, Scott Emblen-Jarrett.

So, 2019 has turned out to be busy, exciting and, yes interesting or rather fascinating.  I’m already  looking forward to 2020!

Bernadette Jansen op de Haar