Why publish with Holland Park Press?

Holland Park Press aims to publish manuscripts that make a unique contribution to literature.

We accept literary fiction in the form of a novel, novella or collection of short stories. We also welcome poetry collections.

Literature is something we define as a work that the author was compelled to write and which provides compelling reading to book buyers.

We expect our authors to have their own unique voice and be able to add something new and lasting to literature.

The work we are looking for is here to stay and we are committed to ongoing book & author specific promotion throughout its lifetime.

We keep our list select so that we can provide promotional activities necessary to reach the full sales potential of your book.

When you are published by us we guarantee that your book will never be heavily discounted and we aim to maximise your income.

We encourage you to find out more information about the Holland Park Press publishing deal.

We accept submissions in English and Dutch.

If you have a manuscript that you would like us to consider we would very much like to hear from you.

How to submit your manuscript

To submit a manuscript you have to email it to us. We regret that we cannot process submissions that do not follow the guidelines set out below, so please read these instructions carefully.

Manuscript written in Dutch or English:

  • The manuscript must be attached as a single Microsoft Word file
  • The manuscript font should be 12-point, Times New Roman
  • The Word files has to be named as follows: ddmmyy_firstnamesurname_booktitle.doc, example: 090909_johngloucester_onmybalcony.doc
  • The title of your work must appear in the subject line of the email
  • The body of the email should contain the following information:
  • A short note about why you have written this manuscript and why you think people would like to buy it
  • A list of people, publications and events who would promote your book
  • A short biographical note, including previously published work
  • Your contact details

Message from the publisher

I regard this publishing initiative an important new chapter in my life. I would like to take you with me on a literary journey.

There is a shortage of new novels that serve people like you and me who adore reading and cannot contemplate life without it.

We all love to find a book that is very well written, makes you think, and it is even more rewarding if you discover a new author.

We at Holland Park Press are determined to find and bring these novels to you, and along the way introduce you to Dutch writers, who despite their success haven’t been available in English until now.
As in life, the outcome of this journey is not known, but if with your help we can make a small but significant contribution to literature, it is worth all the effort in the world.

I am very excited to be part of this adventure and to start I would like to introduce a unique collection of poetry Yugoslav Requiem which was published on 09/09/2009.

Bernadette Jansen op de Haar