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Adopt a Book & Rescue a Small Publisher

March 1, 2021

Rise to the challenge to make a real difference in 2021 because #BooksAreEssential & #LiteratureMatters

In 2009 I realised a dream: to found my own company to publish, promote and sell literature. Right from the beginning my brother, a published author himself, joined me and we’re proud to have found our remarkable authors and having made their books available to readers around the globe.

Don’t take my word for it: our website is full of links to excellent reviews and eighteen percent of our books were nominated for an award. Even better, we publish as many female as male authors, and most of our authors have seen a bit of life, like myself, before being published.

Since 2009, I haven’t earned a salary and had to give up on holidays, my passion for the theatre and haven’t bought any significant piece of clothing, but the launch of each new book has given me far more satisfaction.

Along the way I’ve also invested my savings, central London apartment and wrecked my pension but that’s fine as long as we sell our books. That’s the challenge! Big names sell because they get all the attention, literary gems don’t because they are not yet household names. It’s the classic chicken and the egg problem.

So, I took the matter in my own hands and started selling books on markets.  A new approach, and it was surprisingly successful until lockdowns put a stop to it. Therefore, it’s great that we can run our bookshop at weekends again and sales are picking up but there have also been a few new challenges.

Brexit meant that we had to move part of our print production to the Netherlands and in publishing costs precede benefits.

Unexpectedly but very well-deserved, one of our authors, Karen Jennings, has been longlisted for the Booker prize. Even though we haven’t published the longlisted book we have published five of her other books and had to print far more copies than anticipated to meet demand.

Now, I need your help to create enough word-of-mouth buzz. What can you do?

Buy a book from our website

Why? Because this way we receive a greater percentage, which we can share with our authors, compared to selling through bookshops and especially Amazon. It’s easy, no need to create an account, and we accept all the major cards: Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, Dutch or All Books

Adopt a book or an author

What’s this? I can’t single one out, I love all our books to bits and admire every one of our authors, but you can. If you feel a special affinity with a book or author, you can put this on the map by generating a buzz on social media or by just telling all your friends to buy a copy or two.

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Can you donate a few pennies to keep us going and publish more new literary finds? Great, just go to our PayPal donations page:

or, if you prefer, you can pay directly into our bank account, our bank details are:
account no: 60081694 sort code: 600208 iban: GB98NWBK60020860081694

or, contact the publisher directly: Bernadette Jansen op de Haar bernadette@hollandparkpress.co.uk

Thank you very much!

To sum it up

We rely on you to keep going professionally & personally, we all need to eat and have a roof over our heads.

Together we can make a difference and giving as yet unsung heroes and heroines of literature a chance to shine.

You can become one of our patrons and, provided you agree of course, you will be acknowledged on our website and in our books.

Join us on our journey by subscribing to our Virtual Bookshop & We’re Still Alive vlogs on YouTube.