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Our Authors

David Ayres

A wonderful author and story teller spins his tales

Don’t miss his short story collection Top of the Sixties, it continues to delight people.

Holland Park Press publisher:

‘I adore the stories they instantly took me back to the sixties and its boundless optimism’

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Michael Dean

Author of The White Crucifixion & True Freedom

A novel about Marc Chagall & How America came to fight Britain for its independence

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Laura Del-Rivo

Author whose novel was filmed by Michael Winner

New short stories from the author of The Furnished Room.

Holland Park Press publisher:
After meeting Laura on Portobello Market I was intrigued and bowled over by her short stories.

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Anthony Ferner

Author of Winegarden & Life in Translation

Winegarden is set at elusive boundary between physics and metaphysics. Life in Translation, a novel, about disentangling the knotty syntax of your own life.

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Marilyn Hacker

Recipient of the National Book Award & Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets

She worked with Deema Shehabi on the great poem sequence Diaspo/Renga.

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Karen Hayes

Author of The Houses Along the Wall

Author of The Houses Along the Wall and the forthcoming poetry collection A Sense of Tiptoe

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Yael Politis

Exciting new author discovered on YouWriteOn

Her first novel The Lonely Tree has been receiving excellent reviews.

Holland Park Press publisher:

‘I simply loved reading The Lonely Tree. It tells a compelling and moving story about the soul of Israel and I am proud to publish it.’

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Deema K Shehabi

Palestinian-American poet nominated three times for a Pushcart prize

She worked with Marilyn Hacker on the great poem sequence Disaspo/Renga

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Hilaire –

The poetic voice South of the river in London Undercurrents

Celebrating the hidden histories of London’s unsung heroines

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