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Transeuropa is a series of wickedly funny poems by bestselling Dutch performance poet Jules Deelder about foibles, trouble and strife in Europe throughout the ages.

Where else will you find poems about Göring’s soft spot for rings in odd places, ‘The Ring der Tinglelungen’, or mocking the practice of feeding Christians to tigers and lions in the Roman Empire, ‘Roman Humour’, and a brutal poem full of black humour about neighbours killing each other, ‘In the Balkans’.

Although Deelder occasionally uses rhyme, the most striking aspects of these poems are the superb use of rhythm and the poet’s view of the world. Bold, often outspoken and full of feeling.

Take the opening lines of ‘Ode to the Road-Bug’:

Oh Road-Bug! Ye who
Hums in hordes over
The highways of the Lord
And clogs the streets
Of our cities so hopelessly
And by the thousands populates
The car-parks where
Beaches and forests once stood

Deelder has written quite a few classic poems but the poems in Transeuropa are of a consistent high-quality while, at the same time, being very accessible. An excellent choice for those who like to start reading poetry as well as seasoned poetry lovers.

But where would a translation be without a translator? Scott Emblen-Jarrett makes a debut to savour with this translation of his first full collection.

The Poems

The Ring der Tinglelungen
The Sixth Commandment
In the Balkans
Saxony Twilight
Spirit of Sparta
When Pigs Fly
Philippine Trench
Tenth of May
The Roman Sense of Humour
In the Light of the Current Era
The Monster of Bolnes
Ode to the Road-Bug
Tintin on the Moon
The Battle of Arsekettleprickfort
Those Who Fell

Transeuropa’s startling and thought-provoking poems will be published in July 2019. Please contact the publisher for more information and advance review copies:, +44 (0) 77 926 11 929.

ISBN: 9781907320927
Number of pages: 58
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